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Machine learning researcher for targeting and personalization

What do we do?

Our research team’s goal is to develop ads targeting and service personalization products. To accomplish this we train page content classifiers, detect data patterns which allow us to segmentize our users, improve our models parameters, run online randomized experiments, analize terabytes of data in order to evaluate the potential and possible effects of new products. Also the research team can’t avoid frequent communication with product managers, sales managers, developers and other research teams. It is important for our work to clearly explain the analysis results to our managers, who then use it as a foundation for making decisions. We plan infrastructural development and production model deployment with the development teams. We cooperate with other research teams on an optimal integration of our products to advertisement, recommending and other systems.

What technologies do we use and how do we work?

  • Python is the base – pandas, numpy, scikit-learn etc.
  • We process big data in Spark on clusters which contain dozens of machines.
  • We use Hive, Tableau and jupyter notebooks for analysis.
  • We train models with TensorFlow, xGboost, Vowpal wabbit etc.
  • We manage everything with GitLab and its CI, Docker.
  • We plan our work with product managers and complete it in two-week sprints.
  • We cooperate closely with developers who develop the infrastructure and maintain the production environment.

We are looking for a person who…

  • Has a grasp of machine learning, data analysis and statistics.
  • Knows that the model optimization is only a small part of the problem – is not afraid of controlling and processing data.
  • Has a university degree in machine learning, applied math, statistics or something similar.
  • Has multiple years of practical experience in machine learning.
  • Can code well in Python or similar language and design efficient algorithms. It is necessary to know at least basic Python.
  • Has no problems with SQL queries. One of our fundamental technologies is Spark, so knowing it will help.
  • Can read documentation and articles on the subject in English.
  • Can work independently, communicate actively and has no problems with working in a team.

What do we offer?

  • Creative environment – you will have an opportunity to realize your own ideas and processes.
  • Big impact – you will participate in developing systems, which have thousands of daily users and affect web content for millions of users.
  • Personal development – wide range of opportunities for education in projects, dedicated educational time according to your needs, attending industry conferences, presenting research results on internal and external meetings, knowledge transfer between teams.
  • Team cooperation – you will cooperate with other researchers and research teams, mutually share information and knowledge and look for ways and solutions together.
  • Informal environment – we communicate informally and have no dress code.
Brno, Ostrava, Praha

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