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Over 4.5 million users visit Seznam.cz daily.

We are developing dozens of services and applications that guide us all through our daily lives.

 Our success comes from the great work of our people and that’s why we are always looking for new smart people to join us.

Can you do backend? 

  • Seznam.cz is open to new trends, which is why you will meet many interesting and new technologies, programming languages​​, and SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • The work is diverse – you can write in C ++, Kotlin. We have a high-performance microservice architecture on our own cloud.
  • You can invent in Scala real-time processing of large amounts of data using stream processing in Kafka and Flink.
  • We use Python. For websites, microservices, tooling, …
  • We automate our work using CI/CD
  • We generate a huge amount of data in Seznam.cz and we use Spark and Hadoop to analyze and make sense of it.
  • Our components usually communicate with each other using GraphQL or REST API.
  • We can participate in assignments with our product managers who are part of the team, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Or frontend?

  • We deploy our applications in a cloud built on Kubernetes and OpenStack and the whole process is automated.
  • We write mostly universal applications in modern ES2015+ and TypeScript, in which we focus on accessibility, functionality, performance, and loading speed.
  • Not only code review, but also Gitlab CI with a set of unit, integration, regression, and E2E tests help us with quality assurance.
  • In addition, we have monitoring of our components for a quick repair, alerting, or in exceptional cases, rollback.
  • The applications don’t have to be monolithic but they can also use a micro-frontend architecture.
  • Our components usually communicate with each other using GraphQL or REST API.
  • We have the opportunity to participate in assignments and come up with new ideas and innovations.

Here we are, operations 

  • You can join one of the SRE teams, DevOps, or system administrators.
  • You can take care of Linux operating systems on hundreds of physical and virtual servers in a high-availability environment.
  • In the DevOps team, CI/CD solutions are a must-have and the development of tools for monitoring and traffic of our applications make developers‘ lives easier as well.
  • As a member of one of the SRE teams, you will help to define release processes or SLO components.
  • We use these technologies: Openstack, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch, Grafana, Loki, etcd, Calico, Cilium, CoreDNS, Prometheus, Grafana, nginx, Envoy, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Couchbase, Aerospike, Scila, MyRocks, and many more.

What do we do in mobile application development?

  • We develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS.
  • We primarily use Kotlin and Swift, but we are not afraid of Java, Objective-C, or „ordinary“ C.
  • Our applications use GraphQL or REST API.
  • We use Gitlab, CI/CD, TestFlight, and Firebase.
  • We collaborate on the design and we take care of the applications even after a successful release.
  • We want our users to have information literally at their fingertips. We listen to them and take their feedback seriously.
  • We use proven practices, but we are not afraid to explore new paths either.
  • We know that the applications are on tablets, smartwatches, and televisions in addition to phones, and we always respect the specifics of the respective platform.

There is also the development of our unique infrastructure for developers or DevOps specialists

  • We build our own cloud infrastructure that powers the entire Seznam.cz
  • Our k8s/OpenStack/Hadoop clusters have thousands of machines in several data centers and operate in high availability setup
  • We develop services such as distributed load balancers, storage systems, databases, all with high availability
  • We are not afraid to build our own data centers and develop our own hardware
  • We are used to learning from each other and we have an informal atmosphere

We share our knowledge with the development community

We create various open-source projects as well as tools for website improvement, content optimization, or monetization support. And we offer them for free on our Seznam.cz page for developers.

If you are interested, please send us your CV or LinkedIn profile to kariera@firma.seznam.cz.

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